SM Platform Machine - UPS+ Update Request
Created By: Judy L Lotsman on 02/10/2003 at 11:10 AM
Category: A-Software Update Request Process

To request an OS/2 to UPS+ upgrade contact your Field Service Representative.

If you are already running UPS+ and would like to upgrade, please request by emailing the UPS+ Environment file and an upgrade questionaire for each machine and Offline PC's to your local Sales and Service Office. Please include the Equipment number for each.

How to get the UPS+ Environment:

1)From the UPS+ Control Panel, select the UPS+ Environment shortcut button.
2)Go to the Software tab then Details at the bottom of the window.
3)Select the Print to File button.
4)Save the file and send it with the request.

Upgrade questionaire:
SW_Q UPS+  5 302003.xls