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Course Title: Fuzion-OM--Fuzion Operations and Maintenance
Course level:Level 1
Relevant product codes:4703A - Fuzion 1, 4704A - Fuzion 2, 4705A - Fuzion 4, 4706A - Fuzion XC2, 4997A - Fuzion60, 4997B - Fuzion 60, 4998A - Fuzion 37, 4998B - Fuzion 37
Course length:5 days
Overview:This course sequence provides technicians with up to 5 days of Operation and
Maintenance training for Universal's Fuzion products. This training includes
Fuzion machines with 1.x > software. The first two days of the class are
focused on the base machine and provide training on operation, error recovery,
and base machine maintenance. The trainees can then select up to 3 days (only)
of options training. Each optional training module focuses on a specific head
or feeder type. The standard available options training modules for the
different Platforms are listed below.

Head Options:
FZ7 Head
FZ4 Head
FZ30 Head

Feeder Options:
Platform Tray Feeder (PTF)
Direct Pick Tray Feeder (DPTF)
Direct Pick Tray Feeder (DTF)

On-site delivery of this course is customized to match the customer's specific
machine configuration.
Who should take this course?This course is designed for any technician who is responsible for maintaining a Universal Fuzion machines.
Required Materials:The machine must be readily available throughout the delivery of this course.
When delivered on-site, the customer must provide all maintenance materials required to perform normal preventive maintenance, as documented by Universal's standard machine documentation.
During this course you will:For Base Machine Training:
• Identify standard Safety rules and ESD precautions.
• Identify the basic sequence of events for machine operation.
• Working as a group, set up the machine to run a new product.
• Working as a group, perform operation error recovery tasks.
• Identify the contents of, and use, the various support help tools/documents.
• Troubelshoot production performance and take corrective action.
• Perform all base machine preventive maintenance procedures.
• Use the standard machine software diagnostic tools.

For each Head or Feeder Option:
• Identify all basic parts and functions.
• Perform all standard Warranty Period preventive maintenance tasks.
• Use the standard diagnostic tool(s) to check performance.
Suggested additional courses:Heads-M-L2, HSC-M-L2, HSC/IL7-M-L2, IL4-M-L2, IL7-M-L2
Typical Course Schedule:See below:
 Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
  8 AM to
12 PM
Safety and ESD,Machine Overview, Operation sequence of events;NPI; TS Production Performance; Preventive MaintenanceFZ7 Head TrainingFZ30 Head TrainingFeeder Options: Platform Tray Feeder (PTF)
  1 PM to
  4 PM
Product changeover; Operation; Error Recovery;Diagnostics ToolsFZ7 Head Training Cont.FZ30 Head Training Cont.Feeder Options: Direct Tray Feeder (DTF)

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