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Course Title: HSC/IL7-M-L2--Lightning High Speed Chip Head and InLine 7 Head Advanced Maintenance
Course level:Level 2
Relevant product codes:4703A - Fuzion 1, 4703B - Fuzion 1, 4703B - Fuzion 1, 4704A - Fuzion 2, 4704B - Fuzion 2, 4704B - Fuzion 2, 4705A - Fuzion 4, 4705B - Fuzion 4, 4705B - Fuzion 4, 4706A - Fuzion XC2, 4706B - Fuzion XC2, 4706B - Fuzion XC2, 4993B - Single Beam Lightning (GC30S), 4993B - Single Beam Lightning (AC30S), R4983 - Advantis Lightning, R4984 - Advantis Multifunction, R4990 - Genesis DB Lightning, R4991 - Genesis Quad Beam Lightning, R4992 - Genesis SB Multifunction, R4993 - Genesis SB Lightning, 4984B - Advantis Multi Function, 4988F - Dual Beam Multifuction (GX-11D), 4988F - Dual Beam Multifunction (GI-14D), 4990D - Dual Beam Lightning (GC60D), 4990D - Dual Beam Lightning (AC60D), 4991D - GC-120Q, 4992B - Single Beam Multifunction (GX-11S), 4992B - Single Beam Multifunction (AX-7S), 4983A - Advantis HSC, 4985A - Advantis, 4990C - GC60D - Genesis Lightning, 4991A - GC-120Q, 4993A - GC-30S, 4990C - Genesis Lightning
Course length:5 days
Overview:This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to remove and install
the head and perform corrective maintenance including the removal and
replacement of all field replaceable parts. This course applies to the
30-spindle Lightning Head and the InLine 7 Head, which are used on the Genesis
and AdVantis Platforms. Please notify us in advance if a student requires
training for only one of these heads.
Who should take this course?This course is intended for technicians who are expected to troubleshoot and repair parts on the Lightning and InLine 7 heads.
Prerequisites:• Trainees should be able to perform all level-1 tasks that apply to their job, including head operation, and head preventive maintenance tasks.
• Customers who have Magellan Calibration, MMI AT, and/or MMI kits should have previous training or experience with these tools. This course may provide only a brief review of these processes.
Required Materials:• Training heads, suitable for disassembly/reassembly by inexperienced students (not a production head)
• Portable MCCM Calibration Kit - P/N 50454101; Lightning 30 Cal Nozzle Kit - P/N 50114402; Lightning Tool Kit - P/N 49714602; *0201 Live Trim Kit - P/N 51236201; **Adhesive Kit for 0201 Live Trim - P/N 51236203

* This kit is recommended to trim Lightning Heads for customers who run 0201 or smaller components.
** Note: The adhesive kit contains aerosol cans (3M spray adhesive & adhesive remover) which are considered HazMat items. Please check your local regulations before ordering. This item cannot be shipped everywhere in the world.
During this course you will:Lightning Head tasks:
• Briefly review all Lightning Head parts and functions.
• Briefly review Lightning Head theory of operation, to include: Zeroing, PreProduction Nozzle Setup, and Production processes.
• Configure production variables that affect Lightning Head operation.
• Identify and correct common Lightning Head operator errors.
• Remove the Lightning Head.
• Perform corrective maintenance: Remove and replace all field-replaceable Lightning Head parts and assemblies.
• Review the process of replacing the PHI VRM board: Flash, PHI LM Cal
• Perform PHI LM Calibration.
• Perform PHI Zero Offset setup.
• Use all Lightning Head diagnostic tools to troubleshoot the head, to include Lightning Head Diagnostics/Subsystem Control, AMC for Z, and AMC for PHI.
• Briefly review (only) the processes for Magellan Calibration, trimming (MMI AT), and measuring machine performance (MMI).

InLine 7 Head tasks:
• Describe IL7 theory of operation
• Install the Head and configure the Head specific options on the Platform.
• Perform setups and review preventive maintenance tasks.
• Perform the most common corrective maintenance tasks.
• Use Diagnostics tools, to include: MDS, Diagnostics II, Discrete I/O
• Review Programming differences.
• Troubleshoot head performance.
• Review MCCM Calibration. (Optional: For those with MCCM Calibration kit only.)
• Review the MMI AT trimming process. (Optional: For those with MMI kit only.)
Suggested additional courses:GEN-E-L2
Typical Course Schedule:A typical course schedule is shown below:
 Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
  8 AM to
12 PM
Review Theory of Operation, common operator errors, production variables, common operator errorsCorrective Maintenance, setups, and head replacementDiagnostic tools; Review Cal, MMI AT, and MMI processesDisassemble and rebuild head and nozzle changerPerform head setups; Review PM tasks
  1 PM to
  4 PM
Head removal and corrective maintenanceDiagnostic tools; Review Cal, MMI AT, and MMI processesReview head theory of operation; Remove head and nozzle changerDisassemble and rebuild head and nozzle changer; Replace head and nozzle changerUse Diagnostics tools; Troubleshooting head performance Review Calibration and MMI AT (Optional)

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