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Course Title: PLATFORM-APP/TS(UPS+)--Advanced Platform Programming and Troubleshooting
Course level:Level 2
Relevant product codes:4985A - Advantis XS, 4993B - Single Beam Lightning (GC30S), 4993B - Single Beam Lightning (AC30S), 4993C - Genesis GC30S, 4993D - Genesis GC-30S, 4994A - Genesis GX-37D, 4997A - Fuzion60, 4997B - Fuzion 60, 4998A - Fuzion 37, 4998B - Fuzion 37, 4983A - Advantis HSC (AC30L), 4984B - Advantis Multi Function, 4988F - Dual Beam Multifuction (GX-11D), 4988F - Dual Beam Multifunction (GI-14D), 4988G - Dual Beam Multifunction (GI-14D), 4990D - Dual Beam Lightning (GC60D), 4990D - Dual Beam Lightning (AC60D), 4991D - GC-120Q, 4992B - Single Beam Multifunction (GX-11S), 4992B - Single Beam Multifunction (AX-7S), 4992C - Single Beam Multifunction (GX-11S), 4681A - Flexible Machine, 4688A - Flexible Machine, 4983A - Advantis HSC, 4988E - Genesis GI-14D, 4988E - Genesis GX-11D, 4990C - GC60D - Genesis Lightning, 4991A - GC-120Q, 4992A - GX-11S
Course length:4.5 days
Overview:PLATFORM-AP/TS(UPS+) provides seasoned customers with the advanced knowledge
and skills to program and troubleshoot complex components placed by Universal®
Platform machines.

Note: Application-specific needs may exist for some customers who have
purchased special machine options. Training for these special machine options
is not included in this class and must be arranged separately if needed.
Who should take this course?Programmers and Process Engineers responsible for programming the GSM, AdVantis, and Genesis Platform machines should attend this course. Since this course targets Customer specific applications, students are strongly urged to bring specific components and products that can be used in class as examples from which to learn.
Prerequisites:Must have completed Level 1 Platform Programming course or have equivalent UPS+ product creation experience.

A minimum of 2-3 months of programming experience is recommended.
Required Materials:
During this course you will:• Learn to utilize available tools such as Enhanced Product Setup to troubleshoot customer specific, complex parts and applications.
• Use the New Product Introduction (NPI) features to setup and debug a new product.
• Learn best practices for manually optimizing a Platform head product and working with machine configurations.
• Program a wide variety of complex components using the spectrum of component categories available on the Platform.
• Have the opportunity to share ideas and concepts with other members of their field.
Suggested additional courses:DPO
Typical Course Schedule:See Below
 Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
  8 AM to
12 PM
Introduction/Course Overview Safety Programming Review Review Component Database Programming FeaturesText Import continued Review Fiducial Database Information Troubleshooting Fiducials Component Creation Troubleshooting Components Using ECS Line Balancing (Edit Products, Create Line Configuration Templates, Split Products)Small Chip Processing VPS (Vertical Part Sensor)
  1 PM to
  4 PM
Programming Components (Identify Customer component issues) Text Import Review (Copy ID/Top-Bottom) Troubleshooting Products (Board Templates, Machine Z Clearance, Placement Z Clearance, Pick/Place Errors, Tray Feeders)Troubleshooting Components Using ECS, continued Capture Images Line Balancing, continued (Feeder Template Generation) Management DataExit Test

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