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Course Title: PLATFORM-E-L2--Advantis, Genesis & Fuzion Platforms: Electrical Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Course level:Level 2
Relevant product codes:4703A - Fuzion 1, 4704A - Fuzion 2, 4706A - Fuzion XC2, 4985A - Advantis XS, 4993B - Single Beam Lightning (GC30S), 4993B - Single Beam Lightning (AC30S), 4997A - Fuzion60, 4997B - Fuzion 60, 4998A - Fuzion 37, 4998B - Fuzion 37, 4983A - Advantis HSC (AC30L), 4984B - Advantis Multi Function, 4988F - Dual Beam Multifuction (GX-11D), 4988F - Dual Beam Multifunction (GI-14D), 4988G - Dual Beam Multifunction (GI-14D), 4990D - Dual Beam Lightning (GC60D), 4990D - Dual Beam Lightning (AC60D), 4991D - GC-120Q, 4992B - Single Beam Multifunction (GX-11S), 4992B - Single Beam Multifunction (AX-7S), 4992C - Single Beam Multifunction (GX-11S), 4681A - Flexible Machine, 4688A - Flexible Machine, 4983A - Advantis HSC, 4988E - Genesis GI-14D, 4988E - Genesis GX-11D, 4990C - Genesis Lightning, 4991A - GC-120Q, 4982C - AdVantis Platform, 4982C - Advantis Multi-Head - AX72, 4982C - Advantis AC-72, 4982C - Advantis Multi-function AI-42, 4985A - Advantis, 4990C - GC60D - Genesis Lightning, 4992A - GX-11S, 4993A - GC-30S, 4982Bx - Advantis Multi-Function, 4988Cx - ASA Genesis Multi Function, 4716A - GDM Dispenser, 4982C - Advantis Multi-Head, 4982C - AI-42, 4982C - Advantis, 4988C - Genesis GI-14, 4988C - Genesis GX-11, 4988C -, 4991A - GC-120
Course length:4.5 days
Overview:This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to troubleshoot
electrical subsystems of all GSM Platform machines. The significant assembly
differences between the GSM, AdVantis, Genesis & Fuzion Platforms are observed
and discussed in most instances. All hands-on troubleshooting activities are
typically performed on one Platform.
Who should take this course?This is a demanding course, designed for senior maintenance technicians who require electrical troubleshooting skills on multiple Platform products (GSM, AdVantis, and/or Genesis Platforms). It is strongly suggested that technicians with little Platform experience and/or technicians who have recently taken a similar (Platform)-E-L2 course do NOT attend this all-Platforms course. This is an appropriate refresher course for technicians who require troubleshooting skills on multiple Platform products, have had previous training, but have not had the opportunity to practice these skills in the past year.
Trainees should have a basic understanding of electrical circuits and be able to use basic test equipment.
Trainees should be able to perform all Level-1 training tasks related their job responsibilities.
Trainees should have at least 2-3 months of experience working with one or more Platform products. At least 1 year of machine experience is strongly recommended.

All trainees must have completed the following training classes related to the Platforms that they service:
• Level-1 Operation and Maintenance [e.g. PLATFORM-OM]

It is strongly recommended that all trainees complete each of the Web Self-paced training modules listed below, with test scores above 80% submitted, prior to the class. These training modules are available through a My Universal account from
• Genesis Power Distribution
• Genesis Motion Control Overview
• Platform I/O Process Overview
Required Materials:This training requires a machine suitable for Training purposes. Many of the electrical chassis will be removed/replaced during this training; the trainer will place 'bugs' in the machine for troubleshooting purposes; etc.
During this course you will:• Follow applicable safety rules and ESD practices.
• Read Platform machine electrical schematics.
• Troubleshoot power distribution subsystem.
• Troubleshoot safety subsystem.
• Use MTTY/Hyperterminal to troubleshoot the machine.
• Troubleshoot the VME chassis.
• Troubleshoot axis control subsystem.
• Troubleshoot I/O subsystem.
• Troubleshoot Vision Control system.
• Use bundled UPS+ software tools to troubleshoot the Platform machine.
Suggested additional courses:HSC-M-L2, IL4-M-L2, IL7-M-L2, PST
Typical Course Schedule:See below
 Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
  8 AM to
12 PM
Safety and ESD, Help systems, Electrical SubassembliesPower DistributionMTTY, VME, Troubleshoot I/OAxis Control continued..;
  1 PM to
  4 PM
Reading Schematics, Power DistributionSafety Circuit Subsystem Diagnostics II, Firewire/VisionExit Test: Troubleshoot the Platform Machine

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