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Course Title: PLATFORM-P--Platform Programming with DPO
Course level:Level 1
Relevant product codes:4985A - Advantis XS, 4993B - Single Beam Lightning (GC30S), 4993B - Single Beam Lightning (AC30S), 4997A - Fuzion60, 4997B - Fuzion 60, 4998A - Fuzion 37, 4998B - Fuzion 37, RGDM - Remanufactured GDM, RGSM1 - Remanufactured GSM1, RGSM2 - Remanufactured GSM2, 4983A - Advantis HSC (AC30L), 4984B - Advantis Multi Function, 4988F - Dual Beam Multifuction (GX-11D), 4988F - Dual Beam Multifunction (GI-14D), 4988G - Dual Beam Multifunction (GI-14D), 4990D - Dual Beam Lightning (GC60D), 4990D - Dual Beam Lightning (AC60D), 4991D - GC-120Q, 4992B - Single Beam Multifunction (GX-11S), 4992B - Single Beam Multifunction (AX-7S), 4992C - Single Beam Multifunction (GX-11S), 4681A - Flexible Machine, 4688A - Flexible Machine, 4983A - Advantis HSC, 4983CX - Unovis AdVantis Lightning, 4984CX - Unovis AdVantis MF, 4988E - Genesis GI-14D, 4988E - Genesis GX-11D, 4990C - Genesis Lightning, 4991A - GC-120Q, 4992AX - Unovis Genesis Multi-Function, 4992B - GX-11S, 4993B - GC-30S, 4995 - Genesis XS, 5785A - GSM XS, 4982C - AdVantis Platform, 4982C - Advantis Multi-Head - AX72, 4982C - Advantis AC-72, 4982C - Advantis Multi-function AI-42, 4985A - Advantis, 4990C - GC60D - Genesis Lightning, 4992A - GX-11S, 4993A - GC-30S, 4982Bx - Advantis Multi-Function, 4988Cx - ASA Genesis Multi Function, 4716A - GDM Dispenser, 4982C - Advantis Multi-Head, 4982C - AI-42, 4982C - Advantis, 4988C - Genesis GI-14, 4988C - Genesis GX-11, 4988C -, 4991A - GC-120
Course length:5.0
Overview:This course provides the necessary skills and hands-on experience to program a
product to be populated on Universal Surface Mount machines that run UPS+
software. The students will use Dimension Programming and Optimization (DPO)
programming and line balancing software and/or UPS+ software to program and
debug programs.

Since UPS+ is used on many differing Universal Instruments platform machines,
we cannot guarantee that the machine that you train on will exactly match the
machine in your factory. However, the fundamental programming concepts
delivered in this course will apply to all UPS+ platform machines.

Customers who use CircuitCAM Express software to convert CAD and/or Gerber data
into product information may require additional training, beyond the scope of
this course. Refer to the CCE course description for more details.

Note: Some of the content in this course can be learned via our e-Learning
training modules, which are available to Universal customers via a My Universal
Who should take this course?This course is designed for programmers who are required to create products for Universal Instruments surface mount platform machines.
Prerequisites:• Ability to use a computer keyboard and mouse/trackball to navigate in a windows environment.
• Capability to identify SMC components by package and lead types.
Required Materials:A classroom with the following:
• 1 PC per student, loaded with DPO off-line software
• 1 PC for the instructor, loaded with DPO off-line software and connected to a projection device.
• Machine availability, dummy components, boards, and double-sided tape are required the first day and the last 1.5 days of this class for Operation, Enhanced Component Setup, product debug, and Exit Test hands-on activities.

DPO Hardware requirements:
1. Pentium® 1 Ghz PC
2. 512 MB ram
3. 20 GB high speed hard drive
4. Network capable
5. SVGA monitor
6. DVD-ROM drive
7. Supports Windows XP operating system

DPO Software requirements:
1. Microsoft Windows XP Professional is installed with Service Pack 2 or higher
2. UPS+ Support CD is installed (Version 4.00.00)
3. Administrator privileges for the local machine or PC on which the software will be installed
4. License Manager CD is installed (Version 2.17)
During this course you will:
Setup the DPO environment including units of measure, file paths, etc.
Create board templates for programming
Create products manually to learn foundational concepts of product creation.
Create products by importing text data.
Optimize and simulate products for best throughput.
Edit products.
Debug new products on the machine using NPI.
Use Line Balancer software to split a product(s) across multiple machines in a line.
Create a new component database and add components to the database.
Use Enhanced Component Setup to troubleshoot component issues.
Program one or more of the following tray feeders: PTF/DTF/DPTF/SMTF.
Perform a hands-on performance exit test.
Suggested additional courses:PLATFORM-APP/TS(UPS+)
Typical Course Schedule: See Below.
 Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
  8 AM to
12 PM
Safety and ESD Machine Overview & Operation Error Recovery Platform Help Systems Create a new component database Copy and Alias componentsImport/export machine configurations files Setup the DPO environment Create board templates Create a product and edit it using APE tools Create products using text import Import additional products with and without a Bill of Materials Validate imported products in the Product EditorReview feeder records in the Feeder Database Create matrix trays; Import/export feeder definitions; Perform a feeder teach on various tray feeders...PTF, DPTF, DTF, and stationary matrix trays;Split a product and create feeder templates using Line Balancer Complete the Knowledge Exit Test Complete the Performance Exit Test
  1 PM to
  4 PM
Review component records in the Component Database Perform a Query in the Database Review the Nozzle Database and nozzle naming conventionsOptimize & simulate product for best run time Run and Debug a Product in NPI ModeRun and Debug created products, practicing NPI Mode Perform product editing techniques such as bypass/enable, repair steps, Z Zone, Local CorrectionProgram new component records in the component database; Import records to the new component database; Troubleshoot compponents using Enhanced Component Setup Customer Discretion-Open Lab Time for additional practice if desired.

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